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Testimonials, patient experience stories. Patients tell about the quality of medical services as well as hospitality services. Treatment in India for medical conditions.

Mr. Ali Qasem from Yemen
 Mr. Ali Qasem ,56 years old man from Yemen, He came to Dr, kaul with 20% heart function and more than 3 artery blockage gets Better Quality life After Angioplasty in India Mr. patient is having a serve heart disease. his heart function was very low as well as 3 heart artery blocked. He was successfully operated by Dr. Ajay Kaul, Chairman & HOD, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery.. #satyughealthcare #blk #medicalconsultatnt #medicaltourisminindia Best CTVS surgeon in Delhi | Top heart surgeon in India | Top Cardiologist in India | Best pediatric cardiologist in India | Best Heart Hospital in India Check Dr profile : check angioplasty blog: Angioplasty Cost: 
Mati Mishra from Saharanpur
 Earlier my mother weight was around 140KG and she even didn't able to come to the first floor of the house due to her excess weight not able to walk a little bit her day to day activities were affected due to the obesity. My mother gone through lot of things like dieting some exercise but it couldn’t work out but after the bariatric surgery by Dr Ravinder vats Sr. Consultant -Bariatric and Adv. Laparoscopy department in BLK Super Specialty Hospital Pusa Road, New Delhi, I think my mother get new life Now she is 68 kg. She can easily walk through 4 to 5 km. she do her routine works even now she go to the market and buy groceries Also I forget to tell that earlier my mother was diabetes she take one pill of xoryl m1 everyday but after surgery she is get rid of the diabetes. Now she has to take only one pill of multivitamin every and now she is enjoying her life For my point of view if someone is not able to reduce his/her weight through dieting or walking then the best way is to reduce the weight by bariatric surgery. We are very happy with the result for my mother. I highly recommend Dr Ravinder vats for patient who is looking weight lose option by bariatric surgery  
Mrs. Caroline Njeri from Kenya
 Patient Mrs. Caroline Njeri from Kenya, she had a neck tumor (supraglottic mass) due to this she was facing difficulty in swallowing food. she came to India for her surgery 2020. Dr. W.V.B.S. Ramalingam Senior Director & HOD, Robotic ENT Surgeon at BLK Hospital, New Delhi, performed her robotic surgery and removed her tumor completely in two stages. 
Mrs. Mary Popoola | Total Knee Replacement | Dr. Bhushan Nariani
 Mrs. Mary Popoola 63 years from Nigeria underwent to Total Knee Replacement at BLK Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi undercare of Dr. Bhushan Nariani - Director Center for Orthopaedics, Joint Reconstruction & Spine Surgery | BLK Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi. 
Meethaq Abdullah Yemen | Kidney Transplant | Max Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi
 Aslam Walekum Everyone My name is Meethaq and I am from Taiz city Yemen I was suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure. I had recommended my doctor that i will require a kidney transplant surgery. I was little afraid to get treated myself in my Yemen, as India is a most popular destination for medical treatment in the World . I decided that I will go India for my surgery. Now I do not anything about doctors and hospital , as india is a very big country So it was difficult for me to find out best for me. I was searching on internet about india hospital and doctor. So I found satyug medical tourism website over internet , it is a healthcare facilitator.. I shared my medical report to SMT and they provide me doctor opinion and cost and others transplant details like document and others necessary information. I got medical invitation letter from max hospital new delhi by SATYUG MEDICAL. Dr. Dinesh Khullar and Dr. Anant Kumar, Urologist, Kidney Transplant done my operation and I am doing very well and living a normal life. I would like to say people who wish to travel india for medical treatment , Choose Right Person , My Recommendation to Contact Mr . Vikram , He mobile number you can get from screen below. Thanks you Doctor Dineh and Team MAX Hospital NEW DELHI INDIA.  
Mr. Eissa Ahmed Qaid Saleh Qatar | Dr. H. S. Bhatyal Advisor | Urology & Renal Transplantation
 I am Issa Ahmed Kayed from Yemen and I live in the State of Qatar and I had been suffering from a kidney stone for more than 5 years and then I met one of my friends who had a treatment India and explained to me the situation and recommended the name and address of the translator and I contacted the translator and agreed with him to assist me when I arrive in India. I arrived and I met Translator and frankly he provided all the services to me and assistance in terms of transportation and treatment and meeting with the specialist until the surgery was don. Mr. Vikram is cooperative in all his duties including lodge arrangement and medical services till operations and beyond. Also he showed my medical reports to BLK even before my arrival. انا عيسى أحمد قايد اليمن و عايش دولة قطر و كنت اعاني من حصاة في الكلى أكثر من ٥ سنوات و بعد ذلك تعرفت على واحد من اصحابي راح الهند و شرح لي الوضع و وصاني على اسم المترجم و عنوانه و تم الاتفاق معه حتى وصلت الهند و قابلت المترجم و بكل صراحة حصلت منه كل الخدمات لي و المساعدة من ناحية المواصلات و العلاج و مقابلة الدكتور المتخصص حتى ام إجراء العمليات و مستر فكرام خدوم في جميع واجباته من السكن و حتى توضيح لي بخصوص العملية أو الاوراق الذي عرضها في المستشفى BLK و حتى طلوعي من العمليات 
Uzbekistan | Dr. Aashish Chaudhary | Aakash Healthcare
 I am from Uzbekistan I have been suffering from knee pain for many years and have come to India to seek healing. In 20.01.2020 I came to hospital and 21.01.2020 surgery was done then my condition improved now i am very well before i could not sleep in the nights because of pains. Thanks to Dr.Ashish and his team I will be grateful from them in my whole life. All conditions at the hospital are excellent All the doctors and nurses are friendly and professional and I am glad that I came to India and treated in this hospital thank you. 
Abdurrahman Mohsen ali saeed
 Bis I’m Abdurrahman Mohsen ali saeed. I work in Saudi Arabia. I have been suffering from a condition of penile induration and hour glass deformity also known as (Uncontrolled DM and Dyslipidima , Peyronie’s disease). I tried to seek medical treatment in Yemen and in Saudi Arabia without success, despite the fact that Saudi hospitals were equipped with modern facilities, good staff, however, were missing. Based on the suggestion of the Interpreters, I collected my medical reports and documents and sent them to India where they were checked by doctors in the hospital of BLK. The BLK doctors insured that the treatment of the nonischemic priapism condition can be treated via operation with a success rate of 100%, while not discarding the other option of implanting a machine that can regulate the blood flow to and from the penis tissues. The latter option which had side effects of developing infections was also proposed by the doctors in Saudi Arabia and was out of favor for me. Then, I was advised by the Indian doctors at BLK to visit India and seek the needed medical attention. And by the grace of god, I did go to India to meet the doctors of BLK to start the treatment. I would like to specifically acknowledge and express my gratitude to the Yemeni interpreter Mr. Wahj Mari, who has assisted my visit and stay in India. Likewise, I would like to thank Mr. Vikram who works as an interpreter in BLK hospital. Both interpreters received me from the airport and took me to hospital where I did all the necessary checkups before undergoing a successful operation the next day. The humane hospitality I received is praiseworthy, I never felt like a stranger in this community. Moreover, the interpreters and their services were available 24/7. Their services ranged from: • Help in commuting forth and back between hotels and hospitals. • Interpret what the doctors say, address or suggest. • Help in going to visit places. Therefore, I would like to testify that I advise anyone who is sick and hesitant, to come and seek medical treatment in India.  
Mrs. Anne Ngamau
 Mrs. Anne Ngamau ,50 years old lady from Nairobi , Kenya was a patient of leukemia ( Blood Disorder ) underwent successful Bone Marrow Transplant procedure in indie under care of Dr. Dharma Choudhary -Sr. Consultant & Director Center for Bone Marrow Transplant BLK Super Speciality Hospital Pusa Road, New Delhi. At present patient is doing well , no sign of disease.  
Mr. Sadallah Ali Ali Almanai | BLK super speciality hospital |Dr. V. P. Bhalla Director Institute for Digestive & Liver Diseases
 I am sadallah Ali Ali Almanai Al Radaei from sanaa, Yemen, I was sick and I was looking treatment option in india. I found a medical tourism company called satyug medical tourism.Mr. Vikram from satyug medical tourism arranged treatment facility for me india. I have to say that without Vikram, the healthcare facilitator, it could be so difficult to do anything. This person was and still a gift from Allah. He helped me with almost every single thing. He's kind, helpful, honest and most of all trustworthy. Mr. Vikram was more than a son to me. Every time I needed him he was just there. He did things for me as if I was one of his family. Not only me. Vikram treats every patient with even more than that. I'd like to thank him a million for every thing he did and still do for me. May Allah bless him and fill his life with happiness and pleasure. Saadallah.. 
Zaed Dael Mahyoub , Taiz City Yemen |Kidney Transplant | Max Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi
 My name is Zaed Mohammed and I am from Taiz city Yemen I was suffering from kidney disease or kidney problem My Yemeni doctor said that I will need a kidney transplant surgery. He recommended me to go India for my kidney transplant. Satyug medical torusim arragned our treatment in max hospital new delhi. We came to India and met Dr. Dinesh khullar At MAX HOSPITAL Saket New Delhi. Dr. Dinesh is one of the finest Nephrologists in India. My healthcare facilitator (satyug medical torusim ) help me to get a affordable kidney transplant surgery. Dr. Dinesh Khullar always a good time to his patient and he treat them in a very friendly way . Finally my transplant done successfully in MAX Hospital Saket in New Delh I would like to say people who wish to travel india for medical treatment , Choose Right Person , I highly Recommended Satyug Healthcare ( Thanks you Doctor Dineh and Team MAX Hospital NEW DELHI INDIA. مرحبا ,,, السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته جميعا .... اسمي زاهد محمد وأنا من مدينة تعز اليمن كنت أعاني من مرض الكلى أو مشكلة في الكلى قال لي طبيب يمني أنني سأحتاج لجراحة زرع الكلى. و أوصى لي أن أذهب الى الهند لزرعة كلية . في البداية لم يكن لدي أي فكرة عن كيف أسافر في مقاطعة لا أعرف فيها أحد وكيف سأتواصل مع الطبيب والناس. كان هناك أسئلة كثيرة في ذهني ولكن كان علي أن أذهب الى الهند وليس لدي أي خيار اخر. شخص ما أوصي لي شخص في مستشفى نيو دلهي وأعطاني رقم مترجم يمني وتحدثت معه وهو ذاهب لترتيب أشياء لي في نيودلهي الهند. اختارني مترجم يمني من المطار وأخذني معه في فندق. في اليوم التالي كان علينا الذهاب لمقابلة الطبيب. التقطني من فندقي وذهبنا إليه للمستشفى. لم يكن ذلك المستشفى الذي نصحني صديقي واوصاني به . لذلك شعرت بالارتباك وأنا لا أريد العلاج هناك. ولكن كما كانت دولة غريبة بالنسبة لي. لم يكن لدي أي خيار حيث أخبرني المترجم أن هذا مستشفى أفضل مما أخبرني به صديقي. بعد قضاء شهر واحد في العلاج في هذا المستشفى ، قضيت الكثير من المال ولكن لم يتم إجراء الجراحة. لذلك قررت الاتصال بصديقي في اليمن الذي ربطني بهذا المترجم. كان غاضبًا ولم يكن يتوقع أن يحدث هذا. ثم اعطاني رقم شخص واحد في الهند ، اسمه هو فيكرام كاشياب. في هذه البداية لم أستطع أن أثق بأحد ، لكن لم يكن لدي أي خيار ، بعد أن قابلته ، كان رأيي عبارة عن تغييرات تجاه السيد فيكرام ، وقد جاء إلى مستشفى وهو يستمع لي. هذا الرجال طيبون جدا ويفهمون حاجة المريض ويحاول أن يفعل أفضل للمرضى. أنا حقا أريد ذلك بفضل السيد فيكرام لمساعدتي في الخروج من مشكلتي السيئة ومساعدتي عندما كنت في ورطة. أخذني معه إلى د. دينيش خولار في مستشفى ماكس ساكت نيو دلهي. الدكتور دينيش هو واحد من أرقى الكليات في الهند. السيد فيكرام ساعدني في الحصول على جراحة زرع الكلى المكلفة ، لأنه يعلم أن لدي نقص في المال. د. دينيش خولار دائمًا يقضي وقت جيد مع مرضاه ويعاملهم بطريقة ودية للغاية. وأخيرًا ، أجريت عملية الزرع بنجاح في مستشفى MAX Hospital Saket في نيودلهي أود أن أقول الأشخاص الذين يرغبون في السفر إلى الهند للحصول على العلاج الطبي ، اختر الشخص المناسب ، توصيتي للاتصال بالسيد. فيكرام ، رقم الهاتف المحمول الذي يمكنك الحصول عليه من الشاشة أدناه. شكراً لك دكتور Dineh و Team MAX Hospital New DELHI INDIA  
Mr. Abdulelah Saad Ahmed Safwan | Aden Yemen
 Mr. Abdulelah Saad Ahmed Safwan is attendant of patient who was having Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) disease blood disorder underwent successful bone marrow transplant under care of Dr. Dharma Choudhary at BLK Super Speciality Hospital Pusa Road, New Delhi  
 My experience at Satyug Medical was superior and well above medical treatment standards. The physicians, nurses and staff successfully eradicated (my disease) with unbelievable care and compassion. Their attention to ensuring my well-being was exceptiona 


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